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Community Murals Sacramento 

5 January 2022 - Community Mural Sacramento has a new website! Head to for all updates on the project.

16 June 2021 - On June 14, 2021 the Arts Culture and Creative Economy Commission approved the selection panel’s recommendation for 39 artists to be included in the 2021 Community Murals Sacramento program. Selected artists are listed below. To learn more about each location and the artists, click here (PDF).

Lead Artists

Assistant Artists

Engagement Manager

Supply Manger

Brandon Alexander
Shane Grammar
Jaya King
Olivia Losee-Unger
John Osgood
Ryan Rhodes
Beth Rubel
Gregory Shilling
Shonna McDaniels
Leonardo Moleiro


Brock Alexander
Walter Anderson
Renee DeGarmo
Ellie Gainey
Stefhani Godinez
Heather Hogan
Nicole Keith
Noah Kocina
Kone Lathipanya
BethanyRose Maier
Brooke Mathews
Jeff Musser
Sharon Norton
Eileen Noyer
Arial Pannell
Annie Peony Zhang
Cecelia Perez
Judah Pimentel
Jennifer Ponci
Liliana Rodriguez
Jolene Russell
Singh Stone
Uli Smith
Noelle Tavares
Melissa Uroff
Gerardo Zambrano
Xin Zhang

Emily Loen

Kati Kouklis

3 May 2021 - On Wednesday 4/28/21 the selection panel met to review and discuss all 136 Applications for the program. They were tasked with scoring and ranking artists in order to fill 34 artist positions for the program. The selection panel was extremely impressed by the terrific applications and artists' creative work. Yesterday was the culmination of three weeks of review by the selection panel of all 136 applications. But, there is still some additional review and scoring necessary to be able to announce the selected artists.

We are very glad some of the artists were able to observe the panel selection process during the Zoom webinar. By opening a day of the deliberation process up for artists to observe, the Office of Arts + Culture (OAC) is working to both educate and equitably demystify the deliberation process in review of artist applications. OAC hopes this helps artists when they apply to future opportunities in Sacramento and elsewhere.

The panel provided their recommendations based on an objective review of all the applications. As there are still further considerations to be made in determining all the positions and where artists will be assigned, OAC will work to have all the artists and their mural locations announced in early May on our website. We will send an email to all applicants once we have posted the selected artists.

One additional bit of good news is that we may be able to offer more than just the 34 original artist positions. We are in some final discussions for additional funding opportunities in a couple Council Districts. We look forward to announcing all the artists selected in May and appreciate your patience as we finalize the selection process.

OAC appreciates the artist community’s interest in this program, and we look forward to working with selected artists in their journey to collaborate with Sacramento communities and stakeholder participants in these community mural projects.

Questions and concerns should be directed to Donald Gensler:; 916-808-8493 or 916-955-4564.