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Creative Economy Pilot Project

Creative Economy Pilot Project


On January 10, 2017, the Sacramento City Council unanimously approved the Creative Economy Pilot Project, a grant program to support arts and culture projects that stimulate economic development and activity, as well as social impact.

The Creative Economy Pilot Project consists of four strategies:

  1. Make Sacramento a Platform for Experimentation
  2. Build a Place-based Neighborhood Ecosystem around Food, Tech, and Art
  3. Empower Individual Creators, Makers and Entrepreneurs
  4. Practice What We Preach: Civic Engagement and Innovation in City Hall

These strategies provide policy direction to the City Manager to initiate testing and experimentation, data collection and analysis, policy development, and systems rethinking through funding offered under the program.

The City recognizes the significant impacts the creative economy contributes and is interested in testing a place-based approach to developing small-scale economic hubs through arts and culture to sustain or create investment and jobs in a targeted area.

Two types of grants were available under the program: (1) microgrants of up to $5,000, and (2) grants of up to $25,000. The 45-day application period closed on July 30 and the City received a total of 481 applications with $7.6 million in funding requests. Approximately $500,000 will be awarded under pilot project.

Find a fact sheet for more details and all grant winners.

The City of Sacramento contracted Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies to evaluate the Creative Economy Pilot Project. Both a Summary Report and the Full Report are available below.

CEPP Summary Report (PDF)
CEPP Full Report (PDF)