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To Register: click on title of workshop you would like to attend.

Synchronous meetings will be held from 4-6pm on dates indicated below.

5:30-6pm will be reserved for cohorts.


Defining Arts Integration: What and Why

Synchronous December 1, 2020 

Asynchronous November 20-30, 2020

 For Teachers of Grades K-12

This session unpacks the definition of art integration and uncovers the characteristics of quality integration that align with best practice in education. Join the co-author of the Kennedy
Center’s internationally adopted definition for this informative session.

Moving and Breathing through Feelings: SEL and Creative Movement Part 1

Synchronous January 26, 2021

Asynchronous January 15-25, 2021

For Teachers of Grades K-6

Our emotional states shift as we move through events in our day. In this session you will not only learn a strategy to help students become aware of feelings and the events that shape them, but you’ll also learn how creative movement can become a tool to manage and express emotions.


Moving and Breathing through Feelings and Transitions: SEL and Creative Movement Part 2

Synchronous February 23, 2021

Asynchronous January 26-February 22, 2021

 For Teachers of Grades K-6

Now that the key elements of creative movement have been established, this session focuses on responsible decision-making, social awareness, and building empathy through
mindful representations of concepts and ideas. The study of people and perspectives presented in literature and historical texts will provide the context for this active way of learning.        

Drawing Symbols to Acquire and Understand New Vocabulary

Synchronous April 13, 2021

Asynchronous April 2-12, 2021

For Teachers of Grades 3-8

Drawing is a powerful and untapped tool for students to build and explore their understanding of new vocabulary. Combined with a use of symbols it's a winning combination to acquire understanding of new and challenging words!




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