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Applications are now open until January 8, 2021, 6:00 PM. Apply on Submittable.

All California and US-based artists are invited to submit their qualifications for inclusion in the Sacramento Artist Roster. Public artists and studio artists are encouraged to apply. The Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture manages the Art in Public Places Program for the City of Sacramento. The Artist Roster will primarily serve as a resource for the selecting artwork through a public panel selection process.

Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture reserves the option of using the Artist Roster as the sole resource for identifying appropriate artists for a project, or in combination with an explicit artist call that has been posted. The Office of Arts + Culture will continue to post Calls for Artists Projects when appropriate.

Once an artist is accepted, they are retained on the Roster until it expires at the end of December 2025. All artists will be notified to reapply in September of 2025 for a new Roster. While the Roster is active, a call will open every September for additional artists to be added. Artists already accepted on the Roster during the initial call, do not need to reapply until the roster is completely refreshed in 2025. Accepted artists on the Roster may request to update their information and artwork at any time during the roster period.

• The call for applicants for the Artist Roster opens September 14, 2020 and closes January 8, 2021 at 6:00 PM
• Artists will be notified by January 29, 2021 of their status of acceptance on the Roster. Once accepted, the Artist will remain on the Roster for five years unless they wish to be removed.
• The Roster will be open every September for 4 weeks for new applications. A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be posted on our website and newsletter.
• This Artist Roster will end December 31, 2025.

Professional artists living and working in the United States are eligible to apply. All types of artwork will be considered, including:
• studio work; portable work, all traditional medium, intimate and grand scale
• new media, virtual art, interactive art, sound, light
• film, video, animation, projections
• temporary work
• site-specific installation
• integrated design, art enhancements, feature walls
• environmental, hardscapes, landscapes, artist-designed spaces
• exterior architectural surface treatments

A panel of arts professionals approved by the Sacramento Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Commission will review application materials and recommend applicants to be included in the 2020-2025 Artist Roster. The goal is to establish a pool of qualified artists working in a variety of media. All applicants will be notified of their status after the review process is completed. The review panel will score applicants based on the following criteria:
• 65% -- Artistic and technical quality of submitted past work. This includes proficiency in craftsmanship and technical knowledge of the materials, an aesthetic appeal, use of innovation and creativity, as well as the development of a comprehensive body of work that defines a developed style and intention. Artists that create public artwork must show a response to the site and/or architecture where their work is installed.
• 20% -- Professional experience (including commissions, awards, collections, and exhibitions)
• 15% -- The value to Sacramento’s Percent for Art Collection which seeks to represent a diverse and varied selection of high-quality works and artists.

The entire submission must be completed on Submittable at:
There is no application fee to apply or to use Submittable. To apply, register with a username and password, and follow the instructions. The call is listed as the Artist Roster for February 2021 – December 2025.
All requirements listed below must be met or the application will not be considered.
• Artist Statement: (Maximum 250 words) Include a general introduction to your work. Discuss the concepts and ideas you explore in your artwork and how these ideas and issues are presented. If you are applying as a team, the letter should clearly describe the contribution of each collaborator. Teams may present an artist statement up to 350 words maximum.
• Resume: (Maximum 2 pages) Outline your recent experience and accomplishments as an artist. If applying as a team, each member may submit a separate one-page resume.
• Samples of your work - a maximum of ten (10) files: digital images, video, and audio files are all acceptable with corresponding titles to match the Support Description list (PDF). Each file should highlight only one project or one artwork.
• Support Description list: (Maximum 2-page PDF) For each image/file submitted, list the title, date, size (HxWxD), and medium for studio work. For public art projects, include a description, location, budget, and commissioning organization (if applicable). If the project included community outreach, list participating groups and briefly describe the role community played in the project.
• References: Include the name, title, phone number, email, and mailing address of three references who can speak about your professionalism.

The Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture does not guarantee that an artist or artist team selected for the Artist Roster will be awarded a project/commission/purchase in Sacramento. Selected artists may apply for projects administered by the Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture in addition to being on the Artist Roster. Artists not selected for this Roster may apply to open calls for specific projects administered by the Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture. All submitted materials are subject to California’s public records laws.

Established in 1977, The Office of Arts + Culture (formerly the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission) is a division within the City of Sacramento devoted to supporting, promoting and advancing the arts in Sacramento. The Office of Arts + Culture provides funding for the arts through Grant programing; engages in initiatives and partnerships through the Art Education Program; and enhances neighborhoods with the City’s Public Art Collection, exhibitions, and lecture series.
Sacramento’s Public Art Program is funded through City ordinance that specifies 2% of eligible City capital improvement project budgets be set aside for the commission, purchase, and installation of artworks throughout the City. The Sacramento Arts, Culture and Creative Economy Commission acts as an advisory body to the City Manager and Council regarding approval of Public Art acquisition.

The Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy (ACCE) Commission believes that all people in the City of Sacramento have the right to celebrate and engage in meaningful and relevant arts and cultural experiences. Each member of the community should experience arts which reflect and nourish their identity and self-esteem. The ACCE Commission is committed to ensuring racial and cultural equity in its outreach, funding, leadership, resource allocation, partnerships, and programs. The ACCE Commission believes that equity moves past inclusion and representation; accepting that power has created uneven starting points for some communities and individuals.

Please contact:
Lennee Eller | | 916-808-8877
Donald Gensler | | 916-808-8493