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HOW DO I...?

This FAQ is a growing and evolving page; please check back frequently for updates. 


Why do I need to register as a supplier with the City? 
Any individual or business receiving funds from the City, either through its grant programs or as a contractor must register as a supplier to be added to our procurement system and receive payment. There is no cost to register as a supplier. 

How do I register as a supplier for the City? 
Please click the following link to self-register through the supplier portal: Register as Supplier. Email questions to 

What is a BOT and do I need one? How do I get one? What are the fees? 
A BOT is a Business Operation Tax. This is a tax levied on all businesses that operate in the City of Sacramento and is paid annually. To learn more, apply or renew, click here

I live and work from the same place. How does that influence my BOT costs?  
If you operate your business from your residence, you will need a home occupation permit in addition to the business operation tax. The home occupation permit is a one time fee. Become familiar with the home occupation permit requirements and restrictions before you apply. Your home occupation permit application must be submitted along with your business operation tax application. For more information, visit the City's Revenue site.

What insurance policies are required of grantees/contractors of the city?
In order to execute a grant or contract with the City, you must have a general liability insurance policy of at least $1,000,000 and include proof of this policy before any contracts are signed. Depending on the type of contract, whether or not you represent an organization with employees and require Workman’s Compensation insurance, or whether you will be using a motor vehicle in the implementation of your work, the amount and types of insurance requirements can vary. These requirements will always be specified in your contract and your compliance will be verified by the City’s Risk Management Department.


What arts education programs does the City support? 
The Office of Arts & Culture partners with the Sacramento County Office of Education to administer Any Given Child Sacramento.   

How can a school receive an Any Given Child assembly or residency? 
Any Given Child Sacramento provides services on a school district levels. For teachers and principals interested in bringing Any Given Child to your school, contact your District Office or VAPA or Arts Coordinator to determine whether the program is available in your school and to request services.  

How can an artist or organization become a member of the Any Given Child roster? 
The Any Given Child roster features artists and arts organizations who have been selected for the program by a panel of educators and artists. Applications open in the summer for inclusion on the roster. Please sign up for our newsletter to receive advance information about upcoming deadlines and educational opportunities.  


How do get a film permit? 
All applications, instructions, and requirements for film permitting can be found on the Sacramento Film + Media site. Visit at 

FAQ for filmmakers: 

FAQ for the Community: