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Sacramento Arts & Culture Match Program

This year, OAC will be introducing the Sacramento Arts & Culture Match Program – a program that will provide match funds for crowd-funded, community-led creative placemaking projects in neighborhoods throughout the city. The City will provide matching funds up to $15,000 for eligible projects. We recognize that traditional grant application processes pose barriers for grassroots level projects. Often, the application process only occurs annually, which makes it difficult to respond to new opportunities as they arise; this program serves to address this issue. The OAC Match Program will be administered by IOBY, an organization that has worked with ArtPlace America and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture on similar programs to support creative placemaking.

To learn more about the program and eligibility, visit


"Seeding Creativity" Individual Artist Grants 

OAC will be launching “Seeding Creativity,” a $450,000 grant program targeting individual artists in Sacramento County. 45 artists will receive a grant of $10,000 to sustain their practice and further their creative work. Emerging and mid-career artists with a 3 year work history in visual, craft, media, design, performing and/or literary arts are encouraged to apply. Grants will be awarded under the following four pathways: Research, Social Impact, Performance/Presentation, Creation. A one-year mentorship with a learning and sharing cohort, will be part of the program. Applicants must be able to finish their proposed work in the allotted time or risk losing their funding. 

This grant closed on June 20th. Please check back for panel dates.


Guaranteed Basic Income for Artists (TBA)

The Office of Arts and Culture is preparing to pilot a Guaranteed Basic Income for Artists (GBI) program this year for artists in the City of Sacramento. Broadly, GBI is an unconditional cash payment made on a regular basis to individuals or households; OAC’s program will limit its focus to residents of Sacramento working in the arts. OAC recognizes that artists and creative workers have experienced significant economic instability, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are interested in exploring different solidarity economy concepts that address that instability, along with systemic racism and inequity, to support Sacramento’s creative workers. 

NEA Individual Artist Grant vs Guaranteed Basic Income for Artists

Individuals will be allowed to apply to both programs, but can only accept ONE reward

NEA Individual Artist Grant

Guaranteed Basic Income

  • One time grant of 10,000
  • Unconditional payments on a regular basis over the span of 2 years ($450 per month for two years - $10,800 total)


  • Funds must be used for a new work in one of the following categories: Research, Social Impact, Performance/Presentation, Creation and project MUST be completed
  • Do not need to have a completed project by the end of program


  • Applicant must have proven 3-year history of artistic work; emerging and mid-career artists
  • Length of work history not yet determined


  • May be best for originating artists (e.g. writer, poet, playwright, composer, choreographer, painter, sculptor, filmmaker, etc.)
  • May be best for interpretive artists (e.g. actor, musician, dancer, etc.)
  • Open to Sacramento County residents
  • Only open to City of Sacramento residents