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Sacramento Office of Arts & Culture
915 I Street, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Main Line: 916-808-3992 (please note, staff members are currently working from home and will not be answering the office line)
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The Office of Arts & Culture sends out a monthly newsletter and periodically sends additional email notices about upcoming OAC events, grants, or public art opportunities. 

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Communications and Social Media Policy

The Office of Arts and Culture sends out a monthly email, and uses social media to connect our audiences to resources, including financial or artistic opportunities such as grants, calls for artists, residencies, and to promote City-held or city sponsored/contracted programs, grants, events and art and artists/creatives.

Content shared to OAC social media channels and other communications will focus on the following:

  • City run and sponsored programs, specifically from the Office of Arts & Culture
  • Financial and artistic opportunities open to Sacramento-area creatives (such as grants for artists, arts and/or cultural non-profit organizations; calls to artists; artist residencies or fellowships)
  • Educational resources to local artists and organizations (such as workshops, webinars, and trainings)
  • Advocacy and education on the importance of the arts in the lives of individuals and communities
  • Announcements or news regarding Sacramento's creative community

Please note, we do not promote events, fundraisers, openings, etc. unless it is specifically sponsored by the City.  If you have an event that you would like to promote, please contact our partner, Sacramento365.