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A Sacramento District-Wide Community Mural Pilot Program

Application Deadline: Monday April 5, 2021 at 11:59 PM

Managed through the Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture (“OAC”) Art in Public Places (“APP”) program, Community Murals Sacramento is a Council District (“District”) focused temporary public art program where visual artists residing in Sacramento region have the opportunity to apply for temporary community mural projects in a District of their choice. Community murals are distinguished from other mural types because they include community collaboration and input in all phases of the project. Community muralists may be creative in their approach to engagement, and there is not one “right way” to work with communities. However, at its best, a community mural project allows an artist to collaborate with a community to achieve a result neither the artist nor the community could have achieved on their own.

To apply, visit our Submittable page:

To learn more about the application process, join us for a workshop and Q&A on Zoom on the following dates and times. Please click on the link to register on Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link.

Thursday, February 18, 12pm - 1pm
Monday, March 22, 5.30 pm - 6.30pm

If you have any questions, please email Donald Gensler, APP Project Manager,, 916-808-8493 or 916-955-4564

From 2020 – 2021 APP has partnered with Sacramento City College to engage Sacramento artists and community members in a six-part Mural Speaker Series. This series was an effort to educate, enlighten, and inspire Sacramento and the future of our urban walls. With the success of Wide Open Walls as a mural festival in Sacramento, the speaker series set the stage for a city Mural Policy that will take into account community input and discussion in how the city regulates and records murals in Sacramento. A component of this policy is the adoption
of a city run community mural program that will help teach and mentor young upcoming muralists and allow muralists to work with our local communities to inspire, challenge, and tell local stories and history. Muralists help give voice to a neighborhood’s identity.

During this pilot year, artists will apply to complete their project in a specific District or apply “At Large” if they are interested in working in any District. The focus will be on hiring local artists. No funds will be made available for travel or lodging expenses. Through a selection panel process, each District will receive one or two community murals (depending on size and location). Projects are to be completed within one year of the artist receiving their city contract. Each project must include a minimum of 3 community engagement events and at least one planned community paint day. The engagement events may be community meetings, workshops, artist lectures, or whatever engagement activity the artist designs to include community residents. The engagement events are an opportunity for artists to collaborate and partner with their stakeholder communities to ensure the communities’ voice and identity is part of the mural design process. APP will work with the artist and the project manager to help plan their community paint day. Specific locations for murals may still be determined in collaboration with Districts. A main wall or location will need to be determined for each of the sites. Murals may take place on traditional vertical wall surfaces but may also be designed on horizontal surfaces such as city owned basketball courts. Exact locations will be determined in consultation with each community and Council District. Depending on the site, artists may need to rent a lift or scaffolding. Specifics can be worked out for each chosen location.

During the application process, applicants will be able to select and apply for four different opportunities. Recognizing that artists have skills and abilities beyond their creative work, the community mural process allows for artists to also assist in management of sites and supplies. Those management opportunities are for artists who understand what other artists are engaged in, but they should have organizational experience in order to manage effectively:

1. Lead Artist - 8 positions available-- $8000 Artist Fee
2. Artist Assistant- 24 positions available—up to $3000 (150 hours @ $20 per hour)
3. Engagement Manager- 1 position—up to $8000 (320 hours @ $25 per hour)
4. Supply Manager – 1 position – up to $6000 (300 hours @ $20 per hour)

An applicant may only be selected for one position but may indicate on their application which positions they wish to be considered for in order of preference. Each selected Lead Artist is able to hire three Assistant Artists for their project from those who applied and indicated they would work as an Assistant Artist. The Lead Artist is in charge of the design, fabrication, and installation of the mural as well as the community engagement. Artist attendance at an introductory meeting and workshop will be mandatory and a part of the artists’ contract. The city will also hire one “Engagement Manager”, who is also an artist and will have some experience with murals and community engagement. The Project Manager will receive a city contract to be in charge of basic scheduling, artist and assistant management, and community collaborations. The Engagement Manager reports directly to APP and will manage all 8 site locations and selected artists.

The city will hire one “Supply Manager”, who is also an artist and will manage supplies for artists, assistants, and community volunteers. The Supply Manager will be in charge of accounting for all supplies, storing and distributing supplies, and assisting (where needed) in site set up and preparation at the 8 site locations. The Supply Manager should have management experience and some experience with murals. Supply Manager reports directly to APP and will manage supplies for all 8 site locations.

Upon being selected for the project, artists will work directly with a District Council Member’s office and APP to identify the most appropriate location for the artwork and to assist in connecting with community stakeholders to best implement their project and engagement events. The Engagement Manager will work with each artist and Council District to help coordinate engagement events and groups who wish to be involved in the projects. After completing the project, artists will temporarily provide OAC with documentation of the project to be included in a group exhibition of that year’s awarded projects. OAC will work with the artist to determine the artwork selected for exhibition.

The entire submission must be completed on Submittable at There is no application fee to apply or to use Submittable. To apply register a username and password and follow the instructions. The call is listed as the Community Murals Sacramento. All requirements listed below must be met or the application will not be considered.

Artists must meet all guidelines as detailed below in order to be considered for the Community Murals Sacramento. APP staff are available to discuss projects and provide support for applying artists by appointment. APP will conduct two application assistance workshops after the announcement of the opportunity in order to provide guidance as to the project goals, who should apply, and technical support for applying artists. The workshops will be recorded and will be made available online afterwards for the public. Artists apply through the Submittable online platform. No other submission formats are accepted. After artists are selected, APP will hold a training workshop for selected artists to discuss the community process and provide some guidance to artists in working with their stakeholder groups. Requirements for project submission are:

• Online Application submitted through Submittable
• 10 files of artist’s original work
• Resume (2-page maximum)
• Selection of Position(s) applying for
• Proposed District (or At Large submission) and project location ideas
• 3 References (name, phone, address, email)

November 2020 Program announced at Speaker Series on Community Murals
February 2021 RFQ goes live on Submittable
February 18, 2021 Q and A session via Zoom (12pm)
March 22, 2021 2nd Q and A session via Zoom (5.30pm)
April 5, 2021 RFQ Deadline
April 2021 Panel meets to select artists
May 2021 Mandatory Zoom intro and workshop for all participants
June 2021 8 site workshops with Stakeholders – one for each District
June 2021 Artists begin Engagement on site
July 2021 Artists begin painting on site
August 2021 Artists finish murals on site
September 2021 Dedication events for each site
November 2021 City Hall Exhibition of all 8 projects / Artists present and discuss project in public panel lecture at City Hall / Artist reception event

Donald Gensler, APP Project Manager,, 916-808-8493 or 916-955-4564